B.S. Natural Resource Ecology


I am an artist, a scientist, and a seeker of all things beautiful.

From a desert sunrise, to a hawk tearing apart a dove, to a simply designed label, I’m constantly on the hunt for things of beauty in any capacity. This has lead me to the field of natural science illustration, where I can combine many of the things I find beautiful into a piece that stirs imagination and passion for science. Working with scientists and organizations alike, my mission is to cause people to take a second look at something they might otherwise find ordinary or uninteresting. Beauty lies in the little things, and I see it as my job to bring those little things to light.

As a science illustrator and designer, I cover a wide range of media and draw my inspiration from the natural world. After growing up splitting time between Hawaii and California, I received my Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Ecology and a minor in Plant Biology at the University of Vermont. I have worked in two National Parks, helped conduct research on pollinator interactions within Vermont blueberry farms, and done two years of illustration and field work for the American Chestnut Foundation. I recently moved to the Monterey Bay area California State University Monterey Bay's Science Illustration Certificate Program, and am now accepting freelance work. My extensive experience in the field of natural science  and my love of the outdoors heavily informs and encourages my work.

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Image by Brock Bill

Image by Brock Bill

Client List: 

  • NOLS Instructor Association
  • The American Chestnut Foundation
  • Yeast of Eden Wild and Sour Beer Project
  • San Jose Water Company
  • Alvarado Street Brewery
  • Ulu Mau Puanui
  • Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History